Creepy movie about the aftermath of a divorce (I think)

I want to ask about one movie, l have been searching for its name for years, unfortunately still without success. I watched it when I was a kid and forgot almost everything about it, I remember only a couple of scenes. The film is I think from the eighties, or maybe early nineties and it is a psychological drama with elements of horror or thriller. If I remember correctly it’s about a boy whose parents are divorced and all this is having an obvious effect on him. In any case, I think that his father is away. I remember one scene when he sees his father, like a figure on the other end of the hall, and that figure suddenly bursts towards him, but more like a flash, very fast, and the scene is accompanied by loud noise or something. Maybe that was his nightmare, I don’t remember, or something supernatural. The other scene I remember is when he is having a nightmare that the lion has jumped on his bed, and he is scared and he wakes up. That’s all I can remember. Someone suggested it might be Shock (1977) or David (1988), unfortunately no. If anyone can help, it would be really appreciated!