Crime(?) Movie with a scene where a white girl (hippie) is at a dinner party with a bunch of African American radicals/activists

At the dinner party, she asks one of the “famous” men there about his book or speech that he wrote/gave, and he describes it to her. They then have a discussion on politics at the table (I think there was drinking and smoking too if that helps), and you can tell that she is very interested in him and vice versa as immediately afterwards they go and have sex in the bedroom of the party. I’m fairly certain the other men in the group did not approve of him having sex with a white girl, but that could just be false. The guy is wanted by the police or something I think as well. This girl had dreads or was wearing a beanie, and eventually the guy and her start dating. However, I think the plot twist was that she was an undercover cop or that she gets pregnant and he dies, but I’m not sure. I’m just really curious in finding out what the name of this movie is because I want to know who the male actor was because it’s driving me crazy!

Pretty modern movie, I’d say 2005+, and the actors weren’t really that well known, which is why I’m having trouble remembering it.

Seberg (2019)?

She’s not a hippie but there are some elements from your description that make me think of this.