Darkly comic, a Frenchman murders the jurors who convicted his son

Watched this once in the early 1980s. Forty years ago; it made an impression!

A French chap goes on a road trip around France murdering the jurors who found his son guilty of murder. I seem to recall a policeman starts to put together that there’s a pattern and tries to get ahead of him.

It’s a really dark, black comedy. Watching ‘The Man in the Hat’ the other night made it pop into my head again and I’m keen to see it once more.



It is a French crime comedy. Its original French title is quite long:
“Une journée bien remplie ou Neuf meurtres insolites dans une même journée par un seul homme dont ce n’est pas le métier” (1973). Its English title is “A Full Day’s Work”.
Quote from the IMDb synopsis:
“A father plans to kill, in the same day, the nine members of the jury who had condemned his son to the death sentence.”