Distopian, Snow, Gravity anomalies people flying up into sky, gradually the world is freezing

Would like the title of a film:
The world is gradually freezing, there are gravitational anomalies mentioned early on where in areas on earth people are flying off the planet. There is more and more snow, and people are on the move to survive. The film ends on a grim note with nobody likely to survive.
Its a color film, English language, characters are originally based in the USA, film was released sometime between 1990-2010 i think.

the flying part i am struggling to find, but syfy channel has made a handful of ice disaster movies…any other stuff u remember? a snowglobe?

“Geostorm” 2017? Maybe to recent.

“It’s All About Love” (2003)?

Quote from an IMDb review for the movie:
“Is the coldness of heart somehow projected on to the earth’s gravitation field and climate, causing bizarre atmospheric anomalies, eventually bringing the next ice age upon humanity?”