Do You Know The Title Of This movie?

Hello! im looking for a movie about a long haired blonde woman who got shot by pistol to her belly at the end of the movie.

So there was a movie where the heroine in the movie die shoted to her belly by a pistol. The movie seems contains action and martial arts elements. she is dead in the end of the movie and i guess this movie was around 90’s or maybe 80’s. And perhaps it’s a B class movie. The movie seems has a dark vibes.

  • Characters

The heroine has long blonde hair, she is wearing kinda sexy outfit such as black sports bra maybe? but her belly/navel often exposed almost every time in the movie. Perhaps she is capable of martial arts.

There’s also another characters too like her boyfriend (maybe)? idk, they seems like a partner. But he could fight as well and his hair is blonde mullet. He is kinda muscular looks like Ken in street fighter.

There’s also old man and little girl (perhaps heroine’s dad and her little sister/daughter).

And the last one is the heroine’s villain. The villain only wore a long cape with hoodie covering his head and face. Just like a cult. So you cant see his face clearly. Perhaps he is evil or something.

  • Scenes that I could remember

Some scenes that I could remember are, the heroine apparently was captured and her hand chained up by the villain who is wearing a long black cape with hoodie covering his head and face. I believe the heroine wore a black sports bra with long tight pants and her belly button was exposed. One thing for sure is that her stomach was exposed. The villain kinda teased her and perhaps interrogated her. The heroine looks irritated and the room was quite dark. Then the old man and little girl appeared to help the heroine by throwing some kind of explosive things like a molotov bomb. They threw it from downstairs to the building from the outside. This scene happen in the night, After the building burned, the heroine somehow manages to escape by jumping out the window with the building exploding at the same time. Then, they run away with the old man and little girl. The blonde heroine rushly run away with them and occasionally looking behind the burned building while running away.

Another scene is, the blonde man having an one on one fights with the villain. The room was dark too, seems like they’re having fight indoor like in a hall or something. The blonde man seems like challenging the villain and the blonde man was shirtless/bare chested. But the blonde man is beaten easily by the villain. The villain just snap his neck from behind and the blonde man passed out.

Also the climax, all I could remember that the heroine and the blonde man was about to having a quarrel with some of people. First, both of them were inside a house and then take the stairway to go upstairs rashly. The old man appear from above of the stairway and he warned them not to go, but they didn’t listen to him. The heroine wore a white shirt knotted & her belly exposed.

Lets skip during the fight/gun fight scene because I don’t fully remember anything lol. However this part was vague. I think it’s already afternoon or evening, but there was a guy who held the heroine from behind. The heroine tries to fight back but she is shot with a gun right in the stomach. One thing for sure, the heroine get shot by a pistol in her stomach. This is the main part. A quite sad ending.

The ending of the movie is that the heroine is dead and already buried in the cemetery. The scene looks like in the morning. The blonde man, the old man and little girl are mourning her grave. After that, the blonde man suddenly go away after it, but the old men and little girl still stay beside the heroine’s grave. Right in the ending of the movie, the old man and little girl is practicing some kind of martial arts technique outdoor in the morning, along with the narator’s voice. The old man start to hug the little girl as he proud of her and the movie ends.

Please help! I need information about this movie, do you guys know this movie? any clues? I couldn’t find this movie about 18 years. Thank you