Does anyone know any of these movies with these plots?

A group kidnap children that are mistreated by their parents or in bad environment, this group will kidnap them and proivde them a better environment and give them new name, I think police finds out and kidnapping of children increases in the area.

I remember two scenes:

  1. two women fight over a little boy
  2. a mom breaks into a house with a knife and fight happnes (i think)

a group of student go into an empty/evacuated building where they get hunted and killed by a cannibal

a family kill human for their organs in their basement, they draw lines on the body on how they are about to cut them, they are in an abandoned, but a girl escapes at the end with bare feet and with a half naked clothes (i think?).

The first one could be The Tall Man.

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No. 3 could be No Solicitors (2015)