Dog Slede Movie in which the Dog dies before crossing the finish line in the arm of his owner

Hello. It is my first question and this movie hounts me. I saw it as a kid 20+ years ago and it made my cry. Would love to find it and to show it to my kids.

The plot. A teenage kid and his old, sick, grandfather are struggling with money. The kid decides to enter a sled dog race to win the money. He has only one dog similar to a Bernese Mountain Dog. The kids mains adverasry in the race a Native American racer with a lot of experience. The Kid is close winning the race, his dogs gives it all and colapses just before crossing the finish line. The dog dies in the Kids arms. The Native American seeing it stops from crossing the line first. He tells the Kid to cross the line and tries to slow down the other racers. The Kid wons the money and in the last scene he is left with a puppy from the Native American racer.

It may be a movie from the 80s or 90s. Maybe a TV movie. The plot is similar to 1994 Iron Will.


“Stone Fox” (1987)

It is a TV movie and it is based on a book with the same title. You can find a detailed plot description of the book on the below Wikipedia page.

You can watch the full movie on YouTube here:


Yes it is the one. Thank you

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