Dramatic comedy from the 2000

Hi there! I’m going crazy trying to find the title of this movie.
This is what I know:

  • The protagonist is an adolescent or young adult, male.
  • There is a love interest, I don’t remember if they were a couple at the beginning, but certainly during the movie.
  • It was a US movie.
  • It happens in a town/city in the US.
  • The tone of the movie is mainly comedy.
  • The main part I remember is that we find out at the end that this girl (his girlfriend) died, and he didn’t want to accept it. The ending, where he finally accepts that she is dead, was really sad and heartbreaking.
  • I believe it was released around 2010, but I’m not sure.

Sorry, that’s all I can remember. I don’t have any actors or actresses names.


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“odd thomas”

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Spot on, thanks a lot!!!

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