Drug/Virus Gives Strength Or Kills You

I don’t recall much about this movie. I just know I caught most of it one night when I was entirely too young to be watching it in the early to mid-2000s. I believe it came on HBO. Which, I know, could be anything from any time period, but it felt like a 90s-early 00s movie. I remember there were a bunch of teenagers/young adults in a warehouse or underground somewhere. They were given a virus/drug. And their body would react to it by giving them super strength or it would kill them. I also remember the main “good guy” did not want to risk taking it, but he was tricked into thinking he was having sex with the girl he liked. I don’t recall if this person had powers or if they made him hallucinate. But he was not having sex with the girl he was intending. The girl that he was having sex with had taken the drug/had the virus. So, he ended up “taking it” through sex.

This is probably a poor explanation, but it’s also from the mind of a 6 year old from 20ish years ago. Any help would be appreciated!