Drugs: What a friend would have been like if they never started taking the drug

Scene: The main character accidentally bumps into an old friend on the sidewalk who is now a drug addict. At first, he does not recognize him but then has a flashback to how warm the greeting would have been if his friend had remained sober.

I am a registered nurse and I think of this movie/TV show scene every time I work with someone who has succumbed to their addiction. I imagine meeting the version of the person who never started the drug and how pleasant the interaction would have been.

Movie would have been from 2015 or before when I started working in the emergency room. I do not remember the film being a major motion picture production.

(the characters may or may not have had a Boston/New England accent and the drug addict friend was maybe in a jumpsuit)

Wild guess

Reign Over Me (2007)?