Early 1980's movie or television show about a husband hitting his wife with a rolling pin causing her to go blind

This one will be very tough. My memory is very vague but when I was a child in the early to mid 1980’s I remember seeing a scene on television before my mom abruptly changed the channel. I’m not sure if this was a made for television movie or a miniseries or what. This would have been aired in he evening on CBS, ABC, or NBC. All I remember was the setting seemed like something from the Old West or maybe the prairie or midwest, etc. There was a young woman dressed in a dress like women wore in the 19th century. Something like one would see a woman wear on Little House on the Prairie. Her husband or some other man came home and hit her on the back of head with a rolling pin. She went down to the floor and went blind but did not lose consciousness. She called out his name and said that she was blind. I thought it very strange that she did not seem angry at him or fearful of him. She was crawling around on the living room floor in front of a fireplace. Without a word he grabbed a flaming log and proceeded to walk towards her. At that point my mom abruptly changed the channel. This was about 40 years ago and it still bugs me to this day! Thanks for your help!