Enjoyed this Movie but I only really remember one scene at the very end of the film

I saw this movie only one time and not all the way through I was 8 years old at the time and I’m 30 now.

It was about a group of young boys in there early teens pulling something off using phones and computers.

I remember one of the boys listening to the conversation through a door and later helped them out a bunch.

All I can truly remember from this Movie is at the very end one of the kids takes credit for cooking a delicious big meal for the group of kids and acting like he did it all then the delivery man happens to come back with an apron on and then says I forgot to offer you breadsticks if you wanted them I think that’s what the food delivery guy said but he definitely comes back and then the other kids are laughing.

This movie had to be done in the 90’s to maybe very late 80’s but I think it was made in the 90’s. there is no way it was made later than 2000 or after.

The kids also tap a phone in the movie,…It was a white corded phone that had a screw top on the hearing and speaking part of the phone.

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The first movie that comes to mind is hackers 1995. It doesn’t match all the way though. I’ll keep thinking if thats not it. In Hackers they do use phones for several hacks. Hackers (1995) - IMDb