Epidemic movie with bloody cough and terrible scenes

My friend looks for a movie about an epidemic of a very dangerous disease that causes coughing up blood. A woman’s husband contracted this disease and then died of it. And then there was a terrible scene in which the woman returns home and it turns out that her daughter has also contracted this disease, she finds her pale in the face and coughing up blood. The virus in this film caused coughing so severe that a ribs cracked and lungs were punctured. I don’t remember any more details because I was little when I saw it.

I am sure that it is low-budget movie from 90’s or 2000’s.

Other user - Historical_Lack_2194 from reddit writes about a scene where there’s a classroom with students who begin coughing one after the other before blood begins violently pouring out. He writes too: “. I’ve posted a description on other sub reddits with what i can remember. A few people have answered but none that are right so far. I don’t know remember anything other than the blood, a class room scene, a scene where the guy is walking along a highway and the camera zooms out for a wide shot, he’s alone, passes a bus crashed into a railing. Everything is destroyed, grey tones and eerie apocalyptic vibes. like he’s one of the few people alive. I think at one point he passes a vw beetle with people inside? Not sure”.


The TV series Regenesis?

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