Eskimo Siblings Old Cartoon

This is an old cartoon, probably from the 80’s or older. I don’t quite remember much, but there were 2 siblings, a boy and a girl, who were eskimo and lived with their mom or grandmom. They ate some kind of bread or cake (translation might be difficult, because I’m from Brazil and the dub might have changed words). There was a really catchy song about their routine too.
Well, something happens and this maternal figure dies or is kidnapped or something and the siblings got to go on a journey. Some kind of Entity that has a sleigh or carriage gives them gifts - I just remember the boy got fire arrows, maybe 2, and the first one he uses very quickly for something unnecessary. I think maybe the girl got a powerful healing water, but I might be confusing with other story.
Anyways, I guess the villain was a ice witch or maybe wizard, and she/he tries to disrupt their journey a few times. Oh, and it’s one of those short films, probably, because I had a VHS tape with this together with other stories.

This is all I can remember from this cartoon from my childhood (90’s) and now on my 30’s I’ve been feeling very nostalgic about some of these experiences. if anyone could help me find the name so I can look for it, I’ll be really glad.


flame burns in the igloo

It sound a bit like Seabert to me? This is a Dutch clip of it but it was worldwide