Euro remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Does anyone know the title of a European remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I remember the following: they drove an old VW minivan/bus; there were 4 -5 characters; there was an altercation/argument in a diner with some local bad guys; one female received a shotgun blast to the Achilles and nearly severed her foot; the others were taken to th e woods by two or three hunters; one patron was killed by an arrow; and the film had a old grainy look but i suspect it was filmed between 2005-2014.

what language was it in?

I am unsure of the exact language but I do know it was Scandinavian

I definitely know it was Scandinavian; likely, it was Norwegian because they often said faen (pronounced like fawn), which is Norwegian profanity.

I found it- Manhunt (2008)