European comedy - late 90's/early 2000s

Its obscure - but basically the plot revolves around a mediocre film production - the director is a total wanker and treats everyone like shit, the movie is going to be average until - a member of the crew is quite badly injured on set, and the twist is that instead of suing for millions in liability - he convinces the production to let him direct the rest of the film. It ends up being amazing of course.

Are you sure it’s not Living in Oblivion? Peter Dinklage - Living In Oblivion - Dream Sequence Extended - YouTube

Haha no - but great film! Thanks for the reminder.
No it was definitely a European film. Wish I had more info/memory of it.
Thanks mate

Super long shot here… “adventures of george the projectionist”

could it not be from uk and instead france, russia, germany, etc.?