F@(%ing blueberry muffin scene

This movie has been haunting me for years, I remember the gag perfectly but remember nothing else about it. A woman, a maid or servant of some sort, asks a man if he wants blueberry muffins. Her accent is thick and makes it sound like blubbery. The man gets annoyed and asks her what she was sayinging. She says “Blueberry?” Which sounds like blubbery again which makes the man mad and he screams at her and she walks away crying. The only thing i can do to narrow it down more is it had to come out in the 2000s, I can’t imagine it being much past 2010 at the latest. Please help I’m begging you.

Maybe “Casino” (1995)?

There is blueberry muffin in the movie.

You may want to check out iCarly Season 1 Episode 18 “iPromoteTechfoots”
Nickelodeon US TV show (2008)
They get paid to advertise shoes and the CEO hired them a chef.
My friends and I used to chuckle at this one all the time too!