Fairy tales parody (re-post)

So I have already post this, but I have new informations and I can’t edit again, so here I go.

I have search for it for hours without any success, even asking people around me if they remember it. People were even thinking that I probably dream about it, but luckily for me my sister did remember watching it and she had memories of details that I didn’t remember. Hopefully they are correct and part of the same movie. So I hope someone have heard about it, because it’s seems it’s a really unknown movie. So thanks for everyone that help so far and people that will help. Anyway let’s start already.

So, the first part might not even be part of the movie, but it’s just people talking, the actors talking about their performance maybe ? I was too young to care and was just confused how was that related to the movie.

Anyway, when the movie actually start, we follow this young white woman with brown hair (maybe, my sister memories), she live in our world and has a crush/find cute or simply meet this guy. Anyway, later she woke up in this fairy tale world (how? don’t know) and met again with the guy, but this time it’s seems it’s an alter ego that has always lived in this fairy tale world. Anyway with his help she will try to find a way back to her world (we think, seems logic).

So through out their “quest” they will encounter different characters of the Grimm brothers tales. (At least two different tales that we can remember) But, each time it’s a parody of it. Which feels more like an excuse to make some adult jokes that don’t really add to the storyline. There the Little Red Riding Hood (but not so little, played by a grown woman, a young one but an adult, there’s no children in this movie, in my memory) this part has some musical element to it if I remember correctly. Then there is Snow white and the seven dwarfs (I think the seven are there, but are they played by little people, i’m not sure). Snow white is not a young and frail woman, but a more mature and voluptuous woman, or if I quote my sister : “she has big breasts”, she said that’s shocked her back then. Our characters did asked for her help, but don’t remember if she was of any help.

Also, there’s an evil guy/wizard (it’s an “he” I think), what does he want I don’t remember. All I remember, it’s his henchman, some sort of ogre, with a black furry body or atleast the bottom half of it, and the top being white (skin color) with a horn or ginger hair on top of it’s head. He’s the chubby type with a rather ugly face. Also he’s rather tall at the begining of the movie, but later on he will be shrinked because of a spell, becoming the size of a dwarf. This character was quite memorable because he’s one of the only if not the only non-normal looking character (not so human looking).

Through out the story our characters were like racing again time possibly, or maybe just in an hurry.

Now for the resolution, our main character need like to kiss or find true love, something like that (it’s what my sister remember). So she has kinda fall in love with the alter ego through out the story.

Close to the end all the characters that help the woman are gather and there like the fairy godmother (I think or maybe it’s just Snow white) that will send the woman back or just assist her with some magic maybe, I don’t know. In this part all I remember is someone asking the henchman, that has switch side in the meantime, if he want to return back to his real size, but instead he ask in her ear if he can join the seven dwarfs instead, and snow white accept.

After that, our main character return to her world and she’s happy to find the guy of the beginning, something like that (that’s what my sister said).

Thanks for the one that made it through, I hope it wasn’t too painful and sorry for my english, it’s not my first language. So I will give additionnal informations to help even if it’s quite clear that’s a difficult one.

-I watch it prior to 2010, or not too many years after that
-I watch it in french, but probably not the original language
-It was on Dvd, almost certain
-Played by real actors
-Has some budget, quite various set of backgrounds and outfits
-Comedy with adult humor, not for children even though I remember that nothing recommend against it
-No nudity, except if it’s the family friendly version we watch, I don’t know

So thanks for anyone that want to give it a shot, because I’ve search a lot and it’s feels like it doesn’t exist even though we are two people that remember watching it.


I think I did it this time…

L’odyssée d’Alice Tremblay


avengers grimm? (has sequel too…)

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10th kingdom?

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