Family gets lost in the woods. Man can't escape. Can't remember the movie tile

A man gets lost in the woods with his family. I think their car had a crash or sort.

The man wakes up in a room, where an old lady tends to take care of him.

The man asks about his family and the old lady keeps avoiding the question.

One day he tries to escape through the window and sees that the woman is gathered in a cult where they are fed hearts or body part. Some sort of ritual.

One day the lady brings him a meal and he then discovers that the flesh or content of the meal has a fabric of his son. He readjust the bones of the food and discovers that it’s a human bone.

He is able to flee but before that, he burns the woman in the barn. She couldn’t run out of the buring barn because she believed she couldn’t. So she died.

The movie is more of “When you tell yourself a lie long enough, you start to believe it is true”…that is, it is reflecting on a false religion or cult practice.

The man was able to escape when his wife came for him.

Does anyone remember this movie, or the name??