Feel good lighthearted drama ("mature" love)

First try. It’s a movie I haven’t seen but seemed to be about an older woman (50s, I think) who either gets divorced or her husband dies and she picks up and moves- I think… this is where it gets a bit sketchy- from the United States to a rural part of the UK and gets a second chance at life & love when she meets a local football (aka soccer) coach. I think she started out in America before she mo That’s all I’ve got.

how new is the movie? where did you hear about it? was it made for tv?

I don’t recall it being in the theaters but it didn’t look made-for-tv. Just a tiny release, most likely. I just saw a trailer on some streaming service at some point in the last 3 years or so. It didn’t have a very “new” vibe, as it appeared pretty slowly paced, but still I’d guess it’s from the last 10 years.

In “Hampstead” a widow moves to UK and meets a man living there: