Female secret agency

a movie about a girl that moves into a new town with her mom and they are apart of a female secret agency and the girls name starts with m and her family name also starts with m and all her friends have an alliteration with their names. the opening scene was the girl on her first day of school with her magic diary and the the friends join the secret agency and i remember a scene where they go to a parking lot and hold each others hand to light a battery to stop a major thing and there is this guy who is very rich and he says something like “i’m like harry styles and harry potter in between” and i remember the friends used to say a lot of lomg words like iggtsbihat and the other would translate it to a sentence i gotta go to school because i have a test

when did you see it? was it in english? a kids movie? anything else you remember? was the agency magic or detective based?