Fight scene on boat, girl who knows karate

okay, i remember watching this movie probably five-ish years ago? it used to be on netflix. all i remember is that these kids had to become superheroes or something? there was a girl who was practicing yoga when she was kidnapped to become a hero and she started fighting the guys trying to take her.
then the characters have a mission on a boat. the girl goes overboard and is unconscious when they bring her back onto the boat. there’s a boy who really likes her and is about to give her cpr when she wakes up and he’s super embarrassed.
i don’t remember what movie this was and will die of happiness if someone can tell me

I see you tagged it as animation, was it 3d/cgi or 2d? It was in english? they were teens?

spies in disguise?

fearless ?

if neither can you tell me what the characters looked like? where they all white characters?