Film about a college student who accidentally drugs and kills study partner, chops her up and sends the parts in the post

I’m sure we watched this on Netflix but cannot find on viewing history, apart from 1 blank space!

It’s a film from maybe the last 5-7 years. Either USA or Canada based.

The main guy is a clever, but unpopular student, who is partnered with a pretty, I think hispanic, girl for an assignment. He works up the courage to ask her out, she rejects him.
Then she comes to his room, accidentally drinks a drugged drink, and passes out.
He rapes her, she comes round then he ends up killing her.
He dismembers her in the bath tub. Then sends all the pieces in the post, with the help of a member of staff who drives him to the post box.


[A Young Man with High Potential (2018) - IMDb]

could this be considered a horror film or just thriller?

Yes probably horror, it’s not really scary, just gruesome though. Searches for horror and thriller have not given us the answer!