Film about a slime-y fungus infection

It’s a film about a female researcher who was studying an outbreak of this slime-mold/fungus infection. The film uses a non-linear narrative to tell it’s story. First the main character wakes up in a large pod type thing and has to escape it while also helping to guide other people including her boyfriend/husband out of their pods. Through the flashbacks we discover that she was researching the outbreaks and was very close to a cure involving metal, and that she exposed her boyfriend/husband to the pathogen because he was cheating on her.

This all interspersed with workers going through the pods and removing their inhabitants, any infected people (including a small boy) are pushed into a large cylindrical furnace looking thing to be disposed of. The workers are all wearing metal suits which are possibly grafted onto their bodies. Once our main character is out of her pod, she is put to work disposing of the infected, though when she comes across her boyfriend/husband I believe she kills the other person working with her and helps him escape. The sets in the film are (with exception of the flashbacks) are very dark and futuristic with a lot of concrete.

I have saw this sometime between 2017/2018 and 2022 in a cinema (it was a recent film, showing in an art theatre), however I have gone through all of my film ticket emails and have been able to locate the film, If this rings any bells for anyone I would really appreciate the help in locating the title.

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Found it:
Tin Can