Film or a miniseries about a (terminally?) ill nun where plant savory (or heather?) is often mentioned

First of all, sorry for imperfect English, it is not my native language.

I have seen the film about 20 years ago with my aunt and grandfather (unsurprisingly, none of them remembers the film).

What I remember:

  • the main character is a very ill nun (I think she dies at the end) and there is also a male character (I think he is not a priest)
  • she lived in a convent and I clearly remember the film being the first time I have ever heard words “mother superior” (of course, subtitled to my language)
  • also, a plant “savory” or “heather” played some role in the film, as the nun often refered to it (again, I have seen the subtitled version and savory and heather sound close when translated to my langage - there is just one letter difference) and at least some of the film has the nun and the man talking in an open field
  • I don’t remember the year of the film, but I am 90% sure it was in colour and, judging from my grandpa and aunt’s tastes is films, probably an older film
  • it IS possible it is a miniseries, but I think it was a film; probably in English language

It is NOT one of the following: “The Nun’s Story”, “The Song of Bernadette”, “The Sound of Music”, “Black Narcissus”, “Mother Joan of Angels”, “The Bells of St. Mary’s”, “Mother Mary” (the Soviet film), “Anna” (1951 Italian film), “Change of Habit”, “Lilies Of The Field” and the sequel, " Come to the Stable"

Thank to everyone in advance.