Film possible late 80s/early 90s, maybe involving a gate to hell, a demon head made of clay and pina colada

I have a vivid memory of seeing a film at my parent house when I was a child - I remember that it had a man who lived in some kind of warehouse apartment who was tying to open a portal to hell or raise a demon by sculping a demon head out of clay - at some point the demon came to life (or there may have been several demons) and could only be defeated by being sprayed with cans of drink (which I think was pina colada) kind of like the curry monster in red dwarf that was killed by being spayed with lager - it might of been on TV or it could have been something we rented on VHS from the local shop - I seem to remember it having a goulies/critters kind of vibe - some or all of the above information could be incorrect but I’m sure than something exists! Thank you!

a little older, but “the norliss tapes”?

i cannot find a refrence to the soda spray killing it so far…

little devils: the birth

this has the lemon fizzy drink killing the gargoyles

oh my goodness!!! That’s the one!!! Thank you so much!!!

I am glad that was it. Enjoy