Film title

Im tryin to find the name of a film i saw years ago

Basic plot man sent from future to save woman from a killer whos also from the future.
Story line almost identical to the Terminator so i beleive this was probably a precusor to camerons film which didnt get any recognition

How old is the movie? Maybe
"Cyborg 2087 (1966)?

No time travelling, but anyway, almost the same story. “American Cyborg: Steel Warrior” 1993

What about “Cyborg 2087” (see above)?

hands of steel?

May be Trancers (1984)?

No from wot I can remember the plot woz more identical to the 1st terminator film - I think the soldier from the future sent to save the girl even ended up being the father of her child

Time Cop?

wouldn’t happen to be this would it?

It’s obviously not the “Demon with a Glass hand” episode of The Outer Limits or “Soldier” also from The Outer Limits. Both of those were written by Harlan Ellison and both were sighted in his successful lawsuit against James Cameron, claiming that Cameron ripped them off to create The Terminator.