Find a film that I dont remember title

The film I am looking is most likely black and white of the period 1940-1970.
The widow wife of a business mogul discovers after the death of her husband that he had a sinister past. The widow finds a viewing room where her late husband kept films of murders that he order to be shot by a a third party .

There is a similar plot involved with 8MM (1999)

starring Nicolas Cage

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Thank you Omega for helping me find the film .
I am almost certain that the film you mentioned 8MM is the one I was searching for . It seems that many years ago I saw only a part of the film and not all of it . for many years because of the unusual sinister theme I was looking to find it. Now thanks to Filmfind and your help I have find it.
Last night I watched the whole film and it was a great feeling of achievement that finaly I fulfiled my wish. I was wrong in my description about possibly to be in black and white and I was also wrong in the time period it was made. Watching the film - the scenes of the wife , the palatial house , the masked murderer on the film and the killing ritual was something that stuck in my my memory .
Thank you very much for your help

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