Find a Movie Name for a truck heist scene

1 more question about movies that i can’t remember the name. I remember that in this movie, there is a convoy of armored trucks that are diverted into an ambush, which consisted of ramming into the first and last car. This is where memory fails, I dont remember well if it happened next to a canal and the cars are pushed into the canal (i believe thats how it went). Also i remember that the main characters were cops or something because they were hesitant, and this job was the only thing they had to do to get something back from this guy; in other words the main characters come to this guy for something but in return they must do this heist for him. That’s all ive got, hopefully someone knows this movie.

[UPDATE] While writing this down I kind of gave myself the answer, I think I know what movie it is but I have to wait to get home and watch it to know. Anyways, try to answer it nonetheless.

My answer is going to be
The Italian Job (1969) Michael Caine

The Italian Job (2003) Edward Norton

@OmegaMan Nope but you are not so far. In that movie, they do redirect a decoy convoy but they blow a hole in the street and drop the armored vehicle into the underground and cover the hole, making it seem like it disappeared. Hell of a movie the 2003 with Mark Wahlberg.

Sounds similar to a scene in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.