Find an old ghost story/shoot-out/motorcycle gang/redemption movie

Plot: Older, murdered sister returns to free her trauma-mute sister and the town from a drug-dealing motorcycle gang led by an educated psychopath. The turning point of the movie is that the traumatized sister must shout aloud to prevent her sister from being ambushed and killed (again) by the same gang that first killed her. No one knows that the fearless, avenging female was the murder victim. She is quite corporeal. Memorable lines include repartee between dead girl and biker: Biker: “Hey, Stinkleg! Have you seen ___?” DG: “He died.” Biker: “Of what.” DG: “Bad manners.” I thought the movie was called, The Quick and the Dead, but other movies appear to have that title and not the plot.


“The Stranger” (1995)?


Yes! Yes! This is EXACTLY the movie I was looking for!. Thank you