Find old movie with fire scene ending

Can anyone me to remember this film. The movie was a psychological thriller probably made in the 1930 or 1940s (it was a black and white film). I seem to remember that the woman of the house was being tricked into thinking she was mad and her feelings were dismissed by others. In the closing scenes there was a fire at the house and then it was revealed that behind each painting, that had strangely been damaged, there was in fact an electric radiant fire that had been causing the damage. So the closing scene showed that the woman was correct all along and that she had been a victim of persecution.

That sounds very much like Gaslight (1944)
starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman
but without the paintings you recall.

Hello OmegaMan, Thanks for getting in touch. I think that you are right about the theme of the film. I was very young when I saw it so did not know about “gaslighting”. The theme could well have been similar but the only thing that I remember is the closing scene when the electric heaters were exposed in the ruined building after the fire. The fire allowed you to see what had been happening was not imagined by the woman but in fact a deliberate act to send her mad.
Can anyone else help to identify this film please?