Finding a movie about robotic antagonist man getting killed by helicopter

Hi everyone.

I would like to find an action movie I have watched may be more than 20 years ago. I can remember just only few scenes.

  1. This could be about the end of a major fighting scene. There were robotic man and women who were antagonists, they look like human, the man wore something like a dark navy mechanic overalls suit, fighting with protagonists, which I am not sure if there was a man one there, but it definitely a women. They were fighting in a place like downstairs, then the women protagonists seemed to run upward and get into a helicopter. She then saw that a robotic man was chasing her. I remember clearly that the way the man lift his body up the stairs is like he was on a hydraulic lift (that’s why I am quite sure he is a robot). He ran to the helicopter which the women was inside. In this scene, I am not sure if the robotic man was fighting with anyone (in case there was another protagonist man), but the woman tried to control the helicopter and kill him with the tail rotor. It seemed like she could kill him in the end.

  2. This could be the ending scene of the movie, after the above scene. The woman who was able to survive from the robotic man and then went back to her home. She seemed to passionate about painting. But the scene is, she put her painting into the big bin in front of her house, pour some liquid, could be fuel, and throw a fire to burn it. Then she got in to her convertible car, about to drive off the park way but suddenly a man, which I am not sure if he was another robotic guy just jumped into her car and sat on the seat next to her. He say something to her but I can’t remember and then she drove the car off with the man.

The movie could be released in 90s or 00s as the color of the movie looks quite old and the convertible car was an old model one. And as it has a robot, I have checked the Terminator movies, and they are not the one I am looking for.

However, as I recall everything I remember to type it here, I am also confused if these two above scenes even came from the same movie :sob::sob:. If you can think of any movie that has just one scene, please reply anyway. I will check all of them.

Thank you everyone who read my question. I appreciate your help in any kinds.

Could it be “Project Shadowchaser (1992)” or one of it’s sequels?

Not in the time frame, but it reminded me of