Finding a weird movie that I can't find any remnants of

Basically this is an animated movie I don’t remember too much about it I just remember small little details and what I do remember is this:
In this movie there are two groups:
Group 1 are bald or hairless green people with no noses if I remember correctly and that they could manipulate these weird Red rocks.
Group 2 are bluish purple people with dragonfly wings who ride on things that look like dragons.

What I remember from a plot.
One of the green people does something with the princess of the blue people and then they go to this horrific war and battle and then one of the blue winged people besides to help the green guy who stole or did something with the princess and the movie ends with basically peace love and harmony and some b******* like that

Oh and I do remember that the blue people and the green people hate each other

I’ve been looking for this movie for over 10 years I need help it’s murdering my mind


Might be the movie Delgo?

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