Finding movie about two separated childhood friends + a necklace

hi! i remember watching the trailer to this movie a while back. i believe it was a coming of age movie on two kids (boy and girl) growing up in potentially Palestine(?). i remember a scene where they had to be separated (girl was driven away to a refugee camp?) and she gave the boy a necklace. i remember another scene showing him as an adult with the same necklace.

not sure if this is from the same movie but i remember the boy running through vineyards/fields on their way home.

as i am reflecting on this a bit more, i’m not so sure if it was a refugee situation, it could’ve been a movie with fantasy elements but the necklace scene is definitely the clearest still i remember. thanks!

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Movie that comes to mind is “The Illusionist”. There’s a locket that plays a large role in the film.