Finding movie for my brother

I’m trying to find a movie for my brother, and these are the things he has said about it:

  • An older man becomes friends with a youngish boy, who might be his neigbor. The boy isn’t a teenager
  • They become friends after the boy breaks a window, or maybe the older guy yells at the boy’s cat
  • They eventually maybe make a film together, or write something together
  • There’s a scene where they tight rope walk, and they have a picnic
  • Older man might have drinking problem
  • He thinks it was a quirky indie movie
  • He doesn’t remember any of the actors but thinks the older man is kinda famous

Any help is much appreciated!

“St. Vincent” (2014)?

Quote from an IMDb review:
" Vincent is a drunk and a gambler."

No, but he said he found this one when he was looking for it and liked it, lol

I don’t think I am right, but mayby “Mr. Holmes” 2015.

No, but thanks for trying!

Going to throw out a guess. About A Boy (2002)?

No but thanks for trying!

Lets try Ian McKellan again:

No but thanks again!

Just to mention: “Dennis the Menace” 1993?

No but thank you for trying