Finding the movie if you know the name or even some Actors tell me please

Can you help me find a movie. It is about a woman that came back to her town where she was born and her mother lives there but her mother does not remember her. She went from that village because she was falsley acuesed of killing a boy when she was younger but in reality he bullied her and one day he came head first on her but she moved and he hit his head on a concrete wall and died. Everybody acuesed her and I think that even her mother thought so too and one night there was a party and she is a designer so she designed a dress for a girl that told the boy when they were younger where is the Main girl hiding from him and when the Main girl asked the other girl why she said because he wanted to hurt me if I dont tell him where you were. The end scene is where the Main girl burns down her village and also I forgot to mention she was blonde and also there was some show happening in her little village or town and the women there did not want her to make them the costumes and she burned down the village the night of that show. Also there was a man that she was in love with and she did not belive taht he loved her back so to prove her he jumped in the thing where you keep Wheat those tall metal things and he died in there because he could not get out of there.

i am assuming this is a european film of some sort…do you know the language?

The Dressmaker (2015)