Finding The Name of A Movie

EDIT: I found it, finally, it was called “I Blame Society.” Thanks for your input “afamouspetty” and your valiant attempt. I don’t know what protocol is here, whether I should delete this, but this is resolved now.

Hello, this is my first time using this site. I can’t find this movie that I remember liking and it’s driving me crazy. It is in American English and was made pretty recently (after 2010, I would imagine - but probably much later. Likely last 5 years).

It’s a satire and a sort-of mockumentary where the director, who is a female, wants to make a movie about the perfect murder and for realism’s sake (it is a dark comedy), she plans to document her planning and carrying out an actual murder. She has pitch meetings and describes what she is planning and also discusses it with her boyfriend - who all think she is joking or speaking hypothetically. She isn’t, she’s staking out a victim, breaking into their home, etc. In the end, the execs pass on her film.

That’s the basic plot. Some details are fuzzier - I don’t remember her succeeding in commiting murder but I’m almost positive she does and then when her financiers reject her film, I’m pretty sure she kills them but I may be misremembering.

A.I. sites and google will bring up “Behind The Mask: The Leslie Vernon Story” but that’s a movie about a documentary crew following around a serial killer and this movie has the director of this fake documentary plotting the murder by herself.
Thanks for your time.

Maybe Killing Gunther 2017?

No, thank you very much for trying but nothing like this. It’s not an action movie. It’s like a mockumentary where the actors act like they are making a film. The subject is the documentarian trying to commit the perfect murder (of just one individual), this looks like there’s a much higher body count with machine guns and stuff.