Finding the name of this paranormal type movie

This was an obscure movie. It’s about a couple who have lost their son to a drowning in a lake. The couple begin to experience strangers showing up at their house and setting up camera’s everywhere, watching them. A woman shows up and they invite her in, but she winds up giving the couple the creeps.
The rest of the movie is them trying to figure out what is happening and who these people are. They want to know why the are watching them and setting up camera’s everywhere.


It turns out the couple is actually dead and the creepy people are actually paranormal investigators trying to get them to move on. It turns out the after the boy died, one of them blamed the other and shot and killed them by the lake, then they shoot themselves. The investigators finally gets them to realize they are dead and they finally move on.

If anyone knows this movie please let me know as I’m going nuts trying to remember the title.
Thank you!