Forgot the name of a horror film about a couple who goes into the woods and gets abducted

So like the title says, it’s a film where a couple goes into the woods but they get kidnapped by these wild women (I think there were three).

As it turns out, the three women’s patriarch (who used to live in the wild with them) was recently killed. I think they’re a family of serial killers who just murder people who happen to pass by. And the patriarch tried to kill someone who stopped on the road to fix his car, but he was fatally injured in the process.

So the reason the women kidnapped the couple is because they want the guy to serve as a replacement. It’s a slow burn psychological film, and the women force the man to have sex with them so they can get pregnant. The man obliges, holding on to a hope of escape (and I think the girlfriend was still alive, but I’m not sure anymore) but he slowly breaks down in horror of what he’s becoming.

Not a perfect match, but there are similarities, maybe
“Timber Falls” (2007)?

It sounds like Plank Face (2016)

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