French "comedy" about awkward man who asks girl on a date and ends up in jail

It’s about shy dude, he works in cafe and in love with a regular guest. She’s blonde, cute and always reading books(as i remember). One day he decides to finaly ask her on a date.
She agrees, but everything, sort of, goes wrong. He, kind of, forgets or loses note of the adress where they’ll meet.
At that day World Cup Final takes place(people are drinkin on the streets, smashin an burning cars, as usual).
Our main character trying to find that party where they agreed to go. It’s a costume party. Somehow he ends up in nazi uniform.
I dont remember what happens next but he ends up in jail and that girl waits for his release.


The movie you are describing is “Eagle vs Shark” (2007), directed by Taika Waititi. The film tells the story of Lily (Loren Taylor), a woman who works in a fast-food restaurant and is in love with a shy video game store clerk named Jarrod (Jemaine Clement). One day, Jarrod invites Lily to a costume party, but things go wrong when he forgets the address of the party and Lily ends up in the wrong place wearing a shark costume while Jarrod shows up dressed as a Nazi.

After a confrontation with a group of bullies, Jarrod and Lily end up in jail, and Lily waits for Jarrod’s release. The movie is a romantic comedy that explores the awkwardness of social interactions and the search for love, with a quirky and offbeat sense of humor.