French (?) movie ca. 1990s guy gets shot on beach

I need your help in identifying this film:

I saw the movie on German television in the second half of the 1990s, I think. It’s about a young couple who are engaged in criminal activities. They end up being hunted by organized crime figures (and the police?) and escape by car. The scene I remember most vividly is a scene on a beach. The couple arrives at a deserted beach. The long-haired brunette girl stays behind, sitting in the dunes, watching her boyfriend walk towards the sea. Suddenly somebody is shooting at her boyfriend from behind her in the dunes. The bullets make an eerie, whistling sound. The young man gets hit and falls down, the waves washing over his body. The killers come out of the dunes, walk past the girl and towards the body. The girl follows them. I think it is a French movie, maybe Spanish, definitely European. Made in 1993 or later, I think.

The brunette actress in the movie I am looking for looks a bit like Yekaterina Golubeva (from “Pola X”)/Valérie Kaprisky/Maruschka Detmers.

The style of the movie is similar to French movies like “Tea In The Harem” (Le Thé au harem d’Archimède) from 1985, “Sound And Fury” (De bruit et de fureur) from 1988 or newer movies in that style like “Living On Love Alone” (D’amour et d’eau fraîche) from 2010 or the Spanish movie “Deprisa, Deprisa” from 1981.