Friends on journey

Group of friends (may be 2 boys or girls) set on a journey, They Reach in cottage located in the Woods , The Play Truth And Dare At Night (Girlfriend ask His Bf To send the pic of dick as Dare), As days pass They Start To be killed , There is a Hardware/Electronics or General Store Nearby, The store Keeper kills one of them at end and Cleaned Everything As nothing Happened . Thanks in advance

Imp points:

1.A Group of Friends (4 or may be 5)
2.Traveling Somewhere on Car
3.Taken any Wrong Turn
4.The Reached a Possessed house.
5.The Play Truth And Dare at night
6.There Is also some Sex Scene between a Couple.
7.There is A man Besides These Friends. The last man Before Going To That Man informs 911, Which Reached after The Guy Death , When The Store Keeper cleaned Everything and Movies end.
8.It is High Quality Urdu Dubbed Movie (we see mostly English Movie )
9.The Quality is high and I also Remember it Watch In between 2016-2020.
10.The Movie Is Not Cabin in the Woods/Any Wrong Turn,As it was more Haunted by evil Spirit Type .

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My guess is Cabin Fever (2016 film)

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