Gangster / drug movie based in New York

Looking for a movie nation of islam/ black panther / power

maybe someone knows this movie. Sry for bad English. I think It’s not the main plot. But a next to scene. With one black guy wants the power of the leader of nation of islam (or / black panther / power ) or is the leader and till the end of the movie he kills / buried his (white) girlfriend. I thinking was a gangster/drug movie in New York City.

The movie The Bank Job (2008) has a subplot that meets that description. Just a guess!

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Thank you very much !! Edit: I would like to give you a small tip but unfortunately I can’t pay you until the end of the month :sweat_smile:. How can you pay a tip here? Haha. Thx again.

You’re welcome. Just glad I could help!

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