Girl called police on her friend because not invited to her party

Hi there, yesterday I was watching Neighbors and was just laughing all the time. At one point, where they call the police cause the frat is making to much noise, it made me think of a similar situation in another movie (or maybe a tv show, I’m not sure) where 2 girls aren’t friends anymore because one of them called the police on the other because she wasn’t invited to her party. At the end they become friends again and all was good.
It’s bugging me that I can’t remember anything else… it’s just this déjà vu I got

EDIT: the dialogue between the girls was something like this:
one girl says something like: “it was me who called the cops on your party” and the other replies something like: “i knew it was you, you were the only one who wasn’t there”

In Gossip Girl they do say:
00:32:52 You were the only one who wasn’t there with us that night.

A similar scene happened here…