Girls with magic powers going to a boarding school

I’m looking for the name of a movie. It came out between the range of 2018 - 2020. From what I remember, it was an indie sort of film and certainly wasn’t made by any big film studio. It was available fully on YouTube, and seemed to be created by someone on YouTube, likely an independent creator.

Things I remember:
It was a live action movie
It was in English
It was about a few girls going to boarding school
They had magical powers where they could make things appear
In the start of the movie, they demonstrate their powers while on a bus to the school, they were maybe being bullied before this
In one scene they used their magic to make a tampon appear (or possibly take it from a teacher
In another scene, they are laying in the courtyard and make magic energy balls float above them
There was a scene with a puppet show at the end that was meant to be a bit scary (maybe)
The final scene looked down from a balcony or high point on the building, and there was something to do with a doorway, maybe with light shining through it
It didn’t fully conclude all the storylines
It wasn’t The Axion, The Craft: Legacy, or 5ive Girls.

I’m not 100% confident about some of these details, but I’m almost positive about the release date range.

Can you help me find this? I’ve been looking for the past couple of years, and haven’t found it yet!


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Possibly The Coven (2015)?
You are sure it was a film and not a TV series?

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I don’t remember a tampon but maybe Little Witches?

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