Gray haired sorcerer gets his evil hand from a pond

Hi! As advised in the other topic, I am making a separate topic. Moreover, the topic is completed and the other film is found. I signed it as completed.

The sorcerer was dressed partly in blue as I remember. The hand that he got was from the lake near the place where he Battled the main Antagonist of the film. But his hand was chopped off and while running away he fell near the water and it granted him a gift, the inner will that he wanted at that time (to get the hand back). The film begins like a DnD. Palladin dressed in a black robe with black curly hair and a short beard. They also met another sorcerer on their way who followed them. His spells were shown as yellow. He also had some kind of wand with him (but not Harry Potter style). This sorcerer was an apprentice, young and had no beard.

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Thank you very much, Dimitrii!

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