Groundhog Day escape room

Girl wakes up on a bed in a room. Quickly dies and wakes up again. Eventually able to leave room only to enter another room where she again dies repeatedly till figuring out how to escape.

No Escape Room (2018)?

No it was more of a pristine setting. Bright white paneling. After unknown number of rooms she eventually destroys one and finds a guy going through same process.

Doubt this is the answer - but two similar sounding movies that come to mind that you might like to watch are
“Before I Fall 2017” it’s about a girl who keeps waking up in her bed re-living the same day over and over until she figures out how to escape it.
And “Palm Springs 2020” similar but it’s about a guy who keeps waking up and reliving the same day over and over - but then meets a girl who he happens to accidentally pull into his time loop… then she starts reliving the same day over and over with him - trying to figure out how they escape.

White Chamber (2018)?