Guy helps his friend with cancer kill himself

Okay so I watched this movie a couple years ago and have been trying to find it for almost a year. Movie was probably released between 2000 and 2017.


The movie starts out with the two main characters, two middle aged men, playing this weird sport where they hit a ball against a wall with a ping pong bat. Then like it’s revealed the one man has terminal cancer (or another terminal illness) and is in a lot of pain and really wants to die.

So he and his friend go on a road trip to get medicine that kills you from another state. On the way there they stop at a motel and I think the one guy has sex with this lady and they were in a hot tub?? I don’t quite remember. Then they get the medicine and travel back home.

Then at the end of the movie the friend helps the friend with cancer end his life by making him this drink with like 50 pills in it and at the end of the movie he dies.

Please any help is appreciated I am desperate

I believe you’re looking for Paddleton (2019)


Thank you so much! You are a life saver

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