Haunted by a scene but don't know the movie!

Sometime between 2002-2004, I remember watching TV with my grandfather and he stumbled on a movie, or TV movie, or maybe it was TV show… couldn’t be sure.

But what I remember is this man following a mysterious hooded man through the woods and into a cabin deep in the forest. The man starts asking the hooded man questions but gets no answers. I think we flipped channels and came back to it and the cabin was now burning and the man was rushing back in to rescue the hooded figure from the fire. When he got inside the hooded figure was just standing in the flames with his back to the man, not moving. The man calls to him and finally the hooded figure turns and it turns out to be an alien creature with massive round glossy black eyes in a super haunting jump scare. The man’s shocked and exits the burning cabin, leaving the hooded alien inside.

I vaguely remember this man following the hooded person because he was looking for answers, possibly related to his missing brother? I think maybe he went back to rescue the hooded person because he hoped they had answers or maybe that the hooded figure was in fact his brother.

It’s bothered me for years trying to find it! By how hard of a search its been to find I suspect it was a TV show or movie for some cable channel like SciFi or something.

Appreciate the help! Been thinking about this for decades now!

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It reminded me of this one, but yours is older.