Have to complete games named after cards (10 of hearts, 3 of clubs, etc.), otherwise killed

People get put into a weird reality in a carbon copy city of where they are from and they have to compete in games about once a week (they have a timer that gets reset after competing, if it runs out they die). The games range on difficulty level and the type of game and I think it was based on cards, like 10 of hearts is a really hard game that messes with them emotionally. Some are more puzzles like?

It starts with the guys stealing something i think and then hiding in a bathroom and after the police enter everything goes quiet and when they leave the bathroom stall the entire city is a ghost town. It was a super busy city like in japan or something (I cant remember).

I think it was three guys originally and then they make some friends or something in the game. The first game is like some puzzle room thing where they have to pick the right door and if they pick the wrong one they die. One of them is hide and seek but the seekers, who are each wearing a mask, have a gun and if they dont kill everyone they die. One of them was wolf something? Where only two of three people can live or something.

Is it this:

Alice in Borderland (TV series) - Wikipedia(Japanese%3A%20%E4%BB%8A,same%20name%2C%20by%20Haro%20Aso.

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OMG! thank you! ive been trying to figure this out for about 12 hours and nothing i look up was anything similar. it was all “nerve” and “choose or die”. I even looked back through my netflix history and couldnt find it.